Donate & Get Involved

Wellmore is dedicated to continually providing behavioral health services that are more advanced, more readily available and more effective. This is true for even children that are most seriously ill and families that have the least amount of resources to access quality care.  At Wellmore, our focus is on family wellness for all.  While the need for our services has grown dramatically, so has the support from our community.  Why do people support Wellmore?  We’ve shown them the need, and we’ve asked.  They understand what their donation will support, and that their gift will make a difference.

This is where you come in. We encourage you to make a gift that will touch your heart and your neighborhood. We also realize that these tough times may necessitate some cutting back on donations. So, we offer you some equally meaningful ways to get involved as a volunteer.

Even if mental illness or addiction has not directly affected your family, you know someone for whom it has. We invite you to join us in helping those that feel alone and unsupported.

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