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January 2012




   Transformational Times Newsletter   

Corporate Offices

141 East Main Street

Waterbury, CT 06702

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Fax:  203-574-9006

Child & Adolescent Services

Waterbury - Clinical Services

70 Pine Street, Waterbury, CT 06710

Phone: 203-756-7287 or

1-855-WELLMORE (935-5667)

Fax: 203-596-0722

Home-Based Services
141 E. Main St., Waterbury, CT 06702

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Fax:  203-575-1817

Naugatuck - Clinical Services

305 Church St., Naugatuck, CT 06770

Phone: 203-723-9599

Fax:  203-723-9890

Torrington - Services Clinical

30 Peck Rd., Bldg 2, Suite 2203

Torrington, CT  06790

Phone: 860-626-7007

Fax: 860-626-7014


Adult Services

Morris Foundation, Inc.

402 E. Main St.,Waterbury, CT 06702

Phone: 203-755-1143

Fax:  203-755-1447

Waterbury- Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

402 E. Main St, Waterbury, CT 06702

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Fax:  203-753-3274

Shelton - Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

30 Controls Dr., Shelton, CT 06484

Phone: 203-944-0366

Fax: 203-944-0159

Therapeutic Shelter

142 Griggs St., Waterbury, CT 06704

Phone: 203-574-1419

Fax: 203-578-4180

Morris Recovery House

26 N. Elm St., Waterbury, CT 06702

Phone: 203-574-3986

Fax: 203-597-5459

Women and Children's Program

79 Beacon St., Waterbury, CT 06704

Phone: 203-574-3311

Fax: 203-574-3315


"Coming together is a beginning,
staying together is progress,
and working together is success."
~Henry Ford~



Holiday Donors


A heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the donors who contributed gifts to our clients during the holiday season:

Parishioners of St. Joseph

   and St. Patrick

Parishioners of Blessed


The Devino Family & Fuel


The Grasing Family

Sharon A.B. Ritucci and

   friends at McBride's  

   Restaurant, Wolcott

Tammy Powell

U.S. Marines Toys For Tots


Shari Reilly

Teri Roland

Dr. James Nardozzi

Students of Woodland

   Regional High School

Post University Faculty, Staff 
   & Students


Middlebury Congregational


The Exchange Club of

   Wolcott, Inc.

Amy Gomulinski's 1st Grade

   Class at Middlebury

   Elementary School

Waterbury Elks Lodge #265

Country Club of Waterbury -

   Ladies Holiday Party

Staff of Wellmore Behavioral

Staff of Morris Foundation

First Congregational Church

   of Watertown

Len & Maribeth Mecca














"Children are one third of our population and all of our future." 

- Panel for the Promotion of Child
  Health, 1981

"If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children."

- Ghandi




"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things."

— Niccolo Machiavelli
The Prince (1532)


LaTavola Ristorante Chef serves guests at October 20 fundraiser

CEO Gary M. Steck (left) received a proclamation from the State of CT declaring Oct 20 as "Wellmore Day", presented by Senator Rob Kane

Special guest, Teresa LaBarbera, of WTNH-Channel 8 was presented with a poster entitled "Hands Down for the Step Up," created by residents of the Women and Children's Program


Check out our complete gallery of photos from the October 20, 2011 "In Good Taste, A Tasting Event" located on our website at


Employees who attended the October 19th All-Staff Meeting had this to say:


"Wow, so many services to choose from once we officially become one agency."


"It seems like the staff at both agencies have a similar goal - to make families well."


"I can't wait to begin referring family members of clients I am currently treating."


"What Wellmore will provide for the community is interesting and versatile."





Maggie Lucian, MFT


Nov 15, 2011 Barbeque

Real Greens Wreath created by Sandy Laroche

Feather Wreath created

by Kelly Babjak


Sally Norton, HR Director


Duane Persad, MAIOP

HR Manager


Jennifer Pitts, MBA

HR Assistant


Facility Tours for Employees

Weekly tours are being scheduled every Friday for Wellmore employees to visit the Morris Foundation programs and  for Morris employees to visit the Wellmore programs. Transportation will be provided. Employees interested should contact Sandy LaRoche (203-574-9000 ext 105 or to make arrangements.


"No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction."

Charles Francis Adams


2011 Spot Award Recipients

May 2011

Marisol Martinez, FES Specialist

June 2011

Kelmarie Lara, Admin Support

Kristan Reagan, Clinician, IICAPS

July 2011

Laura DaSilva, Care Coordinator

Marta Alvarado, Care Coordinator

August 2011

Danielle Davenport, CCW, Valiant

Bill Finneran, CCW, Valiant

Heather Kunkel, ECCP

October 2011

Rahsaan Harper, CCW, Paladin

Maggie Lucian, Clinician, Outpatient

Louisa Krause, Clinician, Outpatient

Danielle Davenport, CCW, Valiant

November 2011

Susannah Forte, MH Counselor, IICAPS

Nicole Grant, Admin Billing Clerk

December 2011

Mayra Ruiz, Admin Support

Nicole Gilman, Clinician, IICAPS




"Doing what's expected of you can make you good, but it's the time you spend going above and beyond what's required that makes you great!"

Josh H. Hinds


Victor Pittman

was accepted to Leadership Greater Valley 2011, a program presented by Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce, Valley United Way and Valley Council of Health & Human Service


 Lori McWeeney 

obtained her LPC on

December 12, 2011

Michelle Keesler

passed her LCSW exam

Michael Bronner

passed his LPC exam

Tim Dowling

received his LADC

Christine Gosdzinski

received her LCSW


Krista Kelly on the birth of her son, Logan Taylor, on 1/24/2012


  Ronan James Courtemanche  born  on 9/16/2011 to parents, Marie and James Courtemanche


Jeanette Mina White and her husband on the birth of their baby girl, Mina-elon White on 12/6/2011


Nicole Gilman and David Yap on the birth of their baby girl, Zoey Isabella Yap on 9/16/2011


Roosevelt Collins and his wife on the birth of their baby girl, Adeline Elizabeth Collins on 8/24/2011


Crusita Lopez-Vargas on the birth of her granddaughter, Cecilia Faith Florentino

Congratulations to Katie Jones, daughter of our Systems Administrator, Dennis Jones. Katie's softball team won their league championship at Union City Little League. Katie is 3rd from right, first row.







"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it." - Buddha



"The kind of commitment I find among the best performers across virtually every field is a single-minded passion for what they do, an unwavering desire for excellence in the way they think and the way they work. Genuine confidence is what launches you out of bed in the morning, and through your day with a spring in your step."
- Jim Collins




















"Each of us is a being in himself and a being in society, each of us needs to understand himself and understand others, take care of others and be taken care of himself." 

- Haniel Long









Lorein Cipriano

Jackie Post

Gary M. Steck, LMFT



        Mother Teresa was once asked ‘what needs to change to make the world a better place’?  Her answer, “You and I”, succinctly captures the essence of change.  In this, the initial edition of the Transformational Times you will be reading of the first steps taken to form the Wellmore family.  We are changing, moving from two separate organizations with distinct histories and cultures to a new perspective with the goal of providing ‘wellness for a lifetime’.  Our unique adult and children’s programs are aligning to form a life span continuum of care designed to maximize our positive impact on the communities we serve. In the course of just a few months we have formed a unified, single management team, renovated and opened a new, highly visible administrative home for Wellmore and immersed ourselves in the process of forming our new family of 300. 

        So where do we stand in our transformation to Wellmore?  Maybe a good way to think of it is like learning to swim.  Most people have a distinct memory of learning to swim as a child (or of teaching a child to swim).  First, before all else, the instructor insures there is a respect for water and an understanding of safety.  Then, the child is made to be comfortable in water, perhaps through a fun game, but always with an adult near by and of course, with one hand on the side wall of the pool.  Finally there comes the moment when the instructor has to convince the child to let go of the wall, push off the edge, spread their arms out and float on their back.  You must take the leap of faith, trust that you won’t sink like a stone to the bottom to experience the exhilaration of swimming!

        Just like when someone learning to swim, much of the initial focus was and continues to be on developing a mutual sense of respect, trust and safety, in this case across the two staff groups.  This literally began with the announcement of the merger plans, and continued with all the communication and informational forums, meetings and tools, such as the new web page, that have been used to share the vision that led to Wellmore.  Then, we all began to get to know each other.  The email buddies, site tours, special lunches and events, as well as the individual staff meetings with leadership helped us all begin to build comfort.  Some ‘jumped in’ quickly and encouraged others to embrace the new opportunities in front of us.  The Staff Relations Committee is a great example.  The members quickly embraced the challenge of helping bring our family together.  What a great All Staff meeting they designed and implemented!  Others that re-located to shared office space, participated in work groups and found ways to connect clients to the new, full array of programs, have been our trend setters and seem to be ‘enjoying the water’.  As the goal of combining the staff on June 30th quickly approaches, the question for each of us will be, ‘Are you ready to let go of the edge’? 


                                            GARY M. STECK, LMFT




Happy New Year to our Board, Staff and Constituents! It's time to say goodbye to 2011 and embrace a brand new year and a brand new organization.  The vision of Joan Pesce and Gary Steck resulted in the joining of Morris Foundation and Wellpath and the birth of Wellmore Behavioral Health Services. The transition enables the new Wellmore to provide wellness for a lifetime, helping adults, families, adolescents and children regain health and enhance their lives as individuals and productive members of their communities.  We look forward to sharing our successes with you throughout the new year via our Wellmore Transformational Times newsletter.


Gary M. Steck, CEO of Wellmore Behavioral Health, announced to staff on January 3, 2012 that Wellmore was selected by the State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families to provide Community Support Services for Region 5 (greater Waterbury, Torrington and Danbury) as a part of the new way in which DCF approaches referrals for alleged abuse or neglect. The contract is for just under $500,000 annually and includes five new full-time and several part-time positions. Dr. Marcy Kane, VP for Children's Services, was the primary author on the grant application. Management Team members, in particular, Mary Painter, Vin Delaney, Joan Pesce, Cindy Salmoiraghi, Freda Driscoll-Sbar, Marcia Geddes and Sandy LaRoche, assisted in the process. Gary congratulated Marcy Kane and the project team for a job well done and stated,  "This marks the first of what we hope will be many new opportunities for Wellmore to help more families in need across the entire western Connecticut region."


Mary Painter, LCSW, Vice President of Adult Services, formally announced on January 12, 2012 the initiation of the Open Access service program located in the Outpatient Waterbury Adult Services Department. This model invites all consumers to walk-in evaluations, decreasing barriers to care (such as long wait times for evaluation appointments) and increasing prompt access and availability for services. Through this model, we are able to tell clients and referral sources that consumers will be seen on a same-day evaluation with a minimal wait time. Feedback to service providers locally and within the treatment system at large has long requested that consumers have prompt access to services, but few providers have been able to achieve this. In mid-October, Outpatient Waterbury Adult Services piloted Open Access and was immediately successful. The immediate community response resulted in consumers walking in daily, supporting that quick access is indeed what consumers are seeking. We congratulate the staff of the entire department for doing an outstanding job of meeting the demand for service provision, supporting the program fully, and providing valuable input on how to make this endeavor a very positive experience for the community, agency, staff and, most importantly, the clients we serve.



The following is a letter sent to our Therapeutic Shelter staff from a client who graduated from the residential program:

Dear Staff,

Thank's for your persistent, diligent and much-needed

assistance in reclaiming what's left of my brain.

My stay here has been a needed eye-opener. You all

have given me the ability to face the world again

with some tools to fight back.  I do not think

I would have had the opportunity to meet old sober

friends to reestablish my network of AA buddies.

What I have relearned because of your patience does

not need a certificate or receipt. I'll carry it for a long,

long time in my head and heart. I have many

opportunities today, and hope to accomplish them

with efficiency. Again, thank you so much for

your thorough caring and patient administration.



     This is a story from our clinical staff about Victoria, a ten year old girl who was referred to IICAPS (Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services) this past summer.  Victoria’s progress demonstrates how beneficial the IICAPS model of treatment is for families in need. 

      Victoria was referred by Wellmore’s Outpatient program as she was experiencing a decrease in mood stability, severe tantrums, aggression and defiance at home, and in school. Victoria’s mother reported that these behaviors began around the age of four, when she was not able to express her feelings verbally. Victoria often appeared depressed or sad and she struggled with her self-esteem. Victoria was lacking in social skills and as a result she did not have many friends at school.

      Victoria’s family structure was strong and supportive and was comprised of her mother, mother’s fiancé, and her maternal grandfather. We worked extremely hard throughout our engagement phase of treatment, as Victoria initially refused to participate in activities and did not like to discuss emotions. Toward the end of the first month, it became apparent that Victoria and her parental figures were stuck in a negative attention-seeking pattern. Victoria was seeking attention through negative behaviors and her parental figures were continuing to reinforce this pattern by the ways in which they would respond to her. We worked with Victoria’s parental figures to co-construct a behavior plan to provide positive reinforcement through the use of a reward system.

     We worked with Victoria in a variety of settings including home, school, and daycare to ensure that her behavior plan was consistent across all domains and that all adults involved were continually in communication. We helped Victoria learn how to express her feelings more appropriately by utilizing creative interventions geared towards increasing frustration tolerance. Victoria not only identified, but became comfortable using coping skills when needed. As she began to gain control of her emotions, her self-esteem increased. A positive boost in her self-esteem provided her with the confidence that she needed to improve her social interactions and function better in everyday life.

     Victoria progressed from refusing to meet with us, to running up to us with a huge smile on her face! At discharge, Victoria’s tantrum frequency changed from happening on a daily basis to occurring once every few months. Victoria went out of her way to talk to her peers at school and even made some new friendships. Victoria’s mother and mother’s fiancé were proud to see her complete everyday tasks on her own, and the family was able to enjoy activities together. Victoria successfully completed IICAPS treatment and was transitioned back to Wellmore’s Outpatient program. It was extremely rewarding to watch Victoria accomplishment so much and to know that we provided the family with essential tools that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives!


"In Good Taste" Food and Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Morris Foundation, an Affiliate of Wellmore Behavioral Health, raised  $34,500 to support the Agency's Programs for Women at a fundraiser held on October 20, 2011 at the Villa Rosa in Waterbury.  Participants who so generously donated their food and services at the event included: Brass City Bistro, Casa Dejanna of Watertown, D'Amelio's Italian Eatery, LaTavola Ristorante, Nino's Trattoria, Paisano's Restaurant, San Marino's Ristorante, Signature's Restaurant, Sultan's Turkish Restaurant, W.B. Mason & Co., Green Mountain Coffee, Sweet Maria's Bakery, Sweet Cioccolata of Wallingford, Gift Baskets Galore & The Savvy Gourmet, and Mountain Top Liquors.  We thank our sponsors, participants and Tina Petta-Pelletier of Uniquely Yours Photography for donating her services.



State Representative, Anthony D'Amelio

(right), presented CEO, Gary M. Steck, with a

proclamation from the City of

Waterbury declaring Oct 20 as "Wellmore Day"

       Dilice Robertson, APRN, Sylvia Santos,

Medical Assistant, and

Lori Sills, APRN, members of the

Fundraising Committee

First All-Staff Meeting

Employees from Wellpath and Morris Foundation came together on the morning of October 19, 2011 at the Villa Rosa for the Wellmore Behavioral Health first all-staff meeting.  Staff members from both organizations were educated by Program Managers on Wellpath and Morris programs.



"A Baker's Holiday"

Maggie Lucian, MFT, (shown left in photo) of Wellmore Outpatient Services at Pine Street created a cookie-covered holiday tree entitled "A Baker's Holiday" that was submitted by Wellmore to the United Way of Naugatuck and Beacon Falls Festival of Trees Auction in December of 2011. Maggie used actual cookies that she coated in a polymer resin, then dusted with glitter and fastened them to the tree using hot glue. Maggie said, "The cookies represent the warmth and sweet variety of services we provide at Wellmore and the tree is a visually stimulating sensory experience appealing to the young as well as the young at heart."


A November Barbeque at Wellmore

On November 15, 2011, Wellmore sponsored an employee barbeque, compliments of Dr. Chris Young, Wellmore Medical Director. Frankie's Hot Dogs cooked for the event. The barbeque was held outside the new 141 East Main Street corporate offices and was well attended by staff members.


First Annual Wreath-Making Contest

Staff was offered a fun opportunity in December of 2011 to be creative by participating in a wreath-making contest.  Wreaths were displayed in the 141 East Main Street Wellmore corporate office foyer for staff and visitors to observe and raffled off on December 21st at an employee gathering.  Gift card awards were given to Sandy LaRoche, Executive Assistant, for the best "real greens" wreath, and Kelly Babjak, Administrtive Assistant for Morris House for her unique feather wreath.

Christina Dearaujo, of Klear Facility Concepts, purchasing raffle tickets





I am excited with this first issue of our Transformational Times, as it celebrates the joining together of Wellmore and the Morris Foundation.  I’m sure there are many questions to be answered now and in the coming months as we move closer to the full integration. 

There are several methods of communication that we have set up in order for you to get the answers you are seeking or to share your opinion/thoughts/ideas/suggestions with us.  YOUR VOICE MATTERS and we’re listening!

Please feel free to use any one of these methods.  Your questions can be specific to just you or general enough to be shared with staff in future newsletter articles or via All Staff emails. 

-       Employee Suggestion Boxes – these are located throughout Morris and Wellmore at most of our locations.  You can drop an anonymous question into the box or sign your name and get an individual response.   The Employee Suggestion Boxes are opened monthly by a member of the Quality Council who then sends the question to the appropriate department or director that can address the issue or answer the question.  These are shared with all staff via email. 

-       Email or letter to Human Resources -  Email Sally Norton, Director HR, (, Duane Persad, HR Manager ( or Jenn Pitts, HR Assistant ( .  If you wish to remain anonymous, type or write a letter and send in inter-office mail to HR, 4th floor at 141 East Main Street office.

-       Phone call to anyone in Human Resources or member of the management team at Wellmore or Morris Foundation. 

If you have ideas for information you’d like to see in future newsletters in the HR Corner, please let us know that as well.  


Morris Foundation Benefit Update

Currently we are reviewing Morris Foundation’s medical and dental benefits as you are coming up on open enrollment for March 1, 2012.   I’ll be contacting the Morris employees as soon as we have additional information to share with you regarding this.


Inclement Weather

Its winter time and I’m sure we may see a snowflake or two in our future.  We will make every effort to remain open to service our clients.  However, if the need arises, please stay tuned to NBC Connecticut or WTNH, Channel 8 for information regarding a delayed opening or closing.  You can go on their websites for information regarding business closings or delays.  ( or  Morris Foundation will be listed separately from Wellmore.   Generally the TV concentrates their efforts on the school closings/delays, so each channel’s website is the best place to get information on business closings/delays.  If we are open and you do not feel safe to drive, please contact your supervisor regarding your absence from work.  Please refer to the Inclement Weather policy for further information.


Happy New Year – I look forward to working with you all in 2012!

Sally Norton

Human Resources Director





The Wellmore Spot Award Program recognizes employees for their day-to-day efforts that contribute in a special way to getting the job done. Supervisors give immediate recognition to acknowledge and reward employee excellence. We congratulate all the staff members who received Spot Awards during the year 2011!


Mayra Ruiz, Administrative Support Specialist.  On December 20, 2011, Mayra Ruiz was the recipient of a spot award. During the holiday season, the boys from the Wellmore residential programs brought over trees to Wellmore offices with the names and ages of children, along with their gift requests. All the tags were taken by employees except for one, which was a request from a young girl who asked for a bike. Mayra organized a small fundraising project among staff and was able to get enough donations to cover the cost of a bike sold at a store in Cromwell that she found via the internet. Mayra drove to the store and picked up the bike herself. Because of her special efforts, a young girl was able to have her wish granted during the holidays!


A Wellmore "Star" is a person who demonstrates excellence both as an individual and as part of a team, who consistently goes above and beyond expectations, and who holds our clients in the highest regard. This person leads by example and strives to promote the mission and values of Wellmore with the children and families we serve.

The Star Award recipients for the Fall of 2011 are, left to right, Harriet Sternthal, Danielle Ford, and Demetrius Dailey, who are photographed here with CEO, Gary Steck.

CEO, Gary M. Steck, poses with Summer 2011 Star Award recipients: Lori McWeeney, Kristan Reagan and Sandy LaRoche




Sandy Vargas, Bilingual Clinician, Outpatient Services


Rafael Avila, Front Office Manager, Admin

Giuseppe D"Amelio, Volunteer

Emily Stagg, APRN, Outpatient Services

Elise Santiago, Master of Community Psychology Intern, Morris Outpatient Services

Marissa DiGangi, Clinician, Wellmore Outpatient Services

Lee Seeman, IT Network Manager, Administration


Lisa Hardy-Gardner, Crisis Clinician, EMPS

Rebecca Vattuone, Crisis Clinician, EMPS

Yosef Feld, Crisis Clinician, EMPS

Timothy Dowling, Crisis Clinician, EMPS


Amilcar Armmand, Shift Monitor, Morris Therapeutic Shelter

Audrey Bell, MSW Intern, Morris Waterbury Outpatient Services

Elaine Daly, Shift Monitor, Morris Women & Children's Program

Sue Doyon, Clinician, Outpatient Services

Diane Minto, Case Manager, DCF Supportive Housing


Jenna Cruff, Intern, Outpatient Services/CC

Kelly Linde, Intern, Outpatient Services

Carrie Miranda, Intern, EMPS

Kathleen Ferntress, APRN Intern, Outpatient Services

Stephanie Sills, Child Care Worker, Valiant House


Sharone Hamer, Shift Monitor, Women and Children's Program

Donna Evon, Accounting Clerk, Administration

Madelyn Mangini, Case Manager, Region 5 Case Management



          JANUARY 2012             DECEMBER 2011

10 YEARS - Marcia Geddes          8 YEARS - Jill Humphrey

              - Shonda White             6 YEARS - Rosa Luis

6 YEARS   - Demetrius Dailey        5 YEARS - Jackie Post

5 YEARS   - Danielle Ford                          - Jacqueline Hofler

3 YEARS   - Cathy Brunetti           3 YEARS - Peter Schwartz

2 YEARS   - Courtney Cullinan                    - Cathleen Newmark

               - Alina Sanchez                          - Michael Devine

               - Heather Ram                           - Beatrice Casiano

               - Caroline Pierce                       - Heather Osterberg

1 YEAR     - Rebecca Miko             2 YEARS - Savana Fernandes

               - Rahsaan Harper          1 YEAR   - Sam Johnson

               - Nicole Grant                            - Ahmed Evans

                                                                - Diane Britz

                                                                - Joy Powell

                                                                - Maureen LeClerc

                                                                - Ellen Wright

NOVEMBER 2011          OCTOBER 2011

18 YEARS - Pam Emons            11 YEARS - Janice Uhrynowski

 7 YEARS  - Tim Cunningham       7 YEARS  - Zaida Maldonado

 6 YEARS  - Digby Barrios                    - Kathy Cannavaro

 5 YEARS  - Michael Orenstein                     - Barbara Belval

               - Dr. Bhagya Reddy      4 YEARS  - Evelyn Diaz

 4 YEARS  - Latanya Sturdivant                   - Lorenzo Montgomery

 3 YEARS  - Sally Norton                3 YEARS  - Louis Viscosi

              - Vandy Moore                           - Candice Wade

               - Louis Jackson                           - Patricia White

               - Lynn Cavanaugh          2 YEARS  - Talisha Jones

               - Elisabeth Bailey                        - Jennifer Torres

 2 YEARS  - Maria Carr                              - Donna Meyer

 1 YEAR    - Maggie Lucian                          - Rebecca McGuirk

              - Kemar Bailey               1 YEAR   - Kristin Belter

               - Mary Gervais                           - Arthur Roy


9 YEARS   - Jaime Mastroianni

4 YEARS   - Eileen Donnelly-Phillips

3 YEARS   - Michael Bronner

               - Evelyn Rodriguez

2 YEARS   - Jacqueline Vargas

               - Robert Allegrini

1 YEAR     - Holly Poglitsch

               - Dan Bosco




JANUARY 2012                 DECEMBER 2011

2 YEARS - Lauren Loewy                    4 YEARS - Howard Gilreath

1 YEAR  - Elena Conde                       3 YEARS - Cassandra Tucker

                                                       2 YEARS - Shannon DiBella

                                                                    - Debra Butler

                                                                    - Carlos Nunes

                                                       1 YEAR   - Kelly Danielson

                                                                    - Crusita Lopez-Vargas

                                                                    - Casey Lucarelli

                                                                    - Deborah Ciarlo

NOVEMBER 2011              

15 YEARS - Priscilla Tyson

  9 YEARS - Christopher Desroches

  7 YEARS  - Alphonso Coles

  6 YEARS  - Rose Smith

  5 YEARS  - Lori Sills

  4 YEARS  - Shakina Gordon

  2 YEARS  - Ruth Meyer

                - Regan Moriarty

                - Marilia Cerreta

   1 YEAR   - Nathan Cropper

                - Ricacha Jimenez

                - Michael Garrard


OCTOBER 2011                SEPTEMBER 2011

17 YEARS - Lynda Flowers                 7 YEARS   - Rebecca Zadlo

7 YEARS   - Joan Huskins                   4 YEARS   - Monique DaGraca

6 YEARS   - Waheedah Lateef                           - Marion Alamo

5 YEARS   - Michael Reynolds             1 YEAR    - Marshall Mullen

4 YEARS   - Anne Lopiano

3 YEARS   - Susan Petrik

2 YEARS   - Timothy Dowling

               - Shelly-Ann Murphy

1 YEAR     - Jason Schwarz

               - Charesse Barna





Wellmore Behavioral Health and Morris Foundation joined forces on November 18, 2011 to participate in the Project Homeless Connect, which was attended by well over 1,500 local residents. The event was a one-day, one-stop, community-wide event designed to deliver care and services to those currently experiencing or near homelessness in the Waterbury community. This effort to end homelessness was made possible by a partnership of citizens, health care, business, civic and neighborhood leaders uniting with the Waterbury Continuum of Care, making this a very beneficial day for homeless individuals and families seeking resources. Services offered included housing information, medical treatment, dental cleanings, haircuts, educational resources,

legal, credit and employment counseling, veteran's services, and much more.