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April 2012




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Adult Services

Morris Foundation, Inc.

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Waterbury- Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

402 E. Main St, Waterbury, CT 06702

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Shelton - Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

30 Controls Dr., Shelton, CT 06484

Phone: 203-944-0366

Fax: 203-944-0159

Therapeutic Shelter

142 Griggs St., Waterbury, CT 06704

Phone: 203-574-1419

Fax: 203-578-4180

Morris Recovery House

26 N. Elm St., Waterbury, CT 06702

Phone: 203-574-3986

Fax: 203-597-5459

Women and Children's Program

79 Beacon St., Waterbury, CT 06704

Phone: 203-574-3311

Fax: 203-574-3315


Find your foursome and bring your best game!

Friday, May 11th at Fairview Farms, Harwinton, CT

Visit for more Details and to Register your Foursome or become a Sponsor

"Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier"

- Mother Theresa


Milissa Moriello & Bryan Flores wed on February 4, 2012


Christina Jackson & Joe Giacobbe wed on March 30, 2012


Arina Medovnikov was promoted to IT Applications Manager


Start Losing Weight and Living Healthier with the Weight Watchers at Work Program!

To join, please visit

Company ID: 61212

Company Passcode:


Or Contact Jackie Post for more information


AmaZing Dance & Fitness wants YOU!

Participate today and benefit from Wellmore's Exclusive Deal!

$45 for 8 sessions (pick your own classes) 



Wellmore Welcomes the New Community Support for Families Workers!

Jessenia Perez


Randall Brown


Ednaly Ayala


Jennifer Dionne


Gisele Booker



Escape Alive, one of the many vendors who participated in the event.


Mike Reynolds, after receiving his Years of Service Award


Mass Mutual preparing for the start of the Health & Wellness Fair


Gary Steck, CEO, talking to staff during Health & Wellness Fair





Congratulations to the Winners of the 2012 NCAA Men and Women's brackets!!!

Demetrius Dailey won for the NCAA Women's Bracket


Jackie Post won for the NCAA Men's Bracket



"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."        ~Anne Bradstreet




Inadvertently we omitted who donated kids winter coats and sponsored a family Holiday party for clients receiving services from the Nurturing Families Network Programs. Thank you to The Exchange Club Family Life Foundation of Greater Waterbury.










Sally Norton, HR Director


    Duane Persad, MAIOP

HR Manager


     Jennifer Pitts, MBA

HR Assistant









Date: May 4, 2012

Location: 141 East Main Street, 1st Floor

Join us for Wellmore's 1st Annual Cinco De Mayo Chili Cook-Off

Create your own Chili and possibly win a Prize!

To join, please contact Jessica Brown



To Wellmore's Spot Award Recipients!



Mother's Day Contest

"Life Long Lessons My Mother Taught Me"

In 250 words or less, tell us a story about your Mother and an important lesson she has taught you.

The best story will be awarded a prize!

Due Date: May 2nd at Noon

To Jessica Brown



Thank you to the Employee Relations Committee for planning all Wellmore's "Fun" Events!

Not Pictured: Maggie Lucian, Melanie Mitchell and Milissa Flores



Thank you to Maggie Lucian who created the Goldfish centerpieces for the Health & Wellness Fair!!!


















Jennifer Pitts

Jackie Post


                                                                                     Gary M. Steck, LMFT



        Every April, just like millions of other baseball fans, I eagerly anticipate Opening Day with hope of a successful season for my team. As a Red Sox fan, especially after last year, I still find it hard to believe the team, finally, won not one, but two World Series. That being said, and apologies to any misguided reader who happens to admire a team from the city where the United Nations is headquartered, baseball has not been the same for me since the steriod scandal went public. After marveling at the achievements of the Boys of Summer such as Ortiz, Ramirez, Clemens (before he went to the dark side) and even guys from that other team like Pettitte and Rodriguez, it is a bitter pill to swallow that the wonders I witnessed may have been influenced by illicit drug use.

    Watching athletes self destruct due to alcohol or drug use is nothing new. Who can forget the tragic death of Len Bias to a cocaine overdose just 2 days after being drafted to play for the Boston Celtics or golfer John Daly going from rising superstar to essentially drinking himself off the PGA tour? The legal problems related to illicit drugs of Daryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden and Len Dykstra of the 1986 World Champion Mets, as well as the recent acknowledgment by one of their adversaries in that series, Red Sox pitcher Oil Can Boyd, of frequen cocaine use, are all too common examples of the human toll on athletes. Perhaps notorious as they depict a rise and fall of grand propoertion which took place right in front of us, on television and in the papers, they simply reflect the larger culture. With self-examination, my guess is few of us can honestly say they have not personally experienced or witnessed similar tragedies in our own families, with friends, neighbors or co-workers, as a result of substance abuse.

    Fortified by an emerging new approach and driven by the belief we simply must, as a society, do a better job of determining who needs help for drug and alcohol use in earlier stages of addiction, Wellmore is participating in a statewide initiative that builds collaboration between primary care and behavioral health to offer new hope to persons living with addiction. This summer we will begin working with Stay Well Health Center on the Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) project. SBIRT is a federally funded program brought to Connecticut by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. It will be implemented in 10 community health center sites statewide to increase early identification of adults, ages 18 and older, who are at-risk for substance misuse. In addition to screening and brief interventions, we will be providing brief treatment services for those folks who meet clinical criteria for dependence.

    The goals of SBIRT are to improve engagement in care, provide the earliest possible intervention and offer adults a safe place to begin their recovery process. This project will provide Wellmore with experience integrating with a primary health care provider, surely a strategy that will be essential to our future, but more importantly that offers the opportunity for better overall health outcomes for our community.

    Batter up!


                                            GARY M. STECK, LMFT, CEO


                                                       Christopher Young

                                                                                               Medical Director

Medical Corner - "These Times"    

  "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness." Charles Dickens

    February was the 200th anniversary of Dickens’ birth, and his words remain spot on describing the advances, as well as the challenges, that face psychiatry, mental health policy and addiction services today. As individual practitioners and as an agency, the challenge to provide the highest quality care while navigating through an ever-changing environment is real but manageable provided we stay true to our mission.

    Particularly amazing are recent advances in neuroscience. A variety of Neuroimaging techniques have been used to map out pathways and regions within the brain with unprecedented clarity and understanding. Particular abnormalities in brain systems linked to an individual’s ‘self control’ have been identified in both substance dependent adults and children with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder; a disorder marked by impulsivity and poor self control which has been associated with substance abuse later in life. As these systems are better understood, interventions may be developed to target these specific regions and, ultimately, to improve self regulation.

    Treatment research is another area that has made tremendous strides. For a long time, psychotherapies were based on theoretical frameworks that were well intended, but lacked robust evidence showing that they actually worked. Now - for the first time ever - mental health professionals can point to evidence based treatments that have meaningful and measurable impact. Treatments such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as some medications, have been consistently shown to reduce the impairing symptoms associated with anxiety, trauma, and depressive disorders.

    Yet, despite these considerable developments, mental health services struggle on many fronts. Media outlets have picked up on this struggle and have highlighted the controversies surrounding the upcoming revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), the manual used by providers to diagnose mental health conditions. The latest edition will be DSM V. The debate among experts has lingered without consensus about what actually constitutes mental illness, potentially undermining the very advancements described above. At best, the DSM points us in the general direction of correctly classifying mental illness, and at worst, may be out of touch with personhood, reduces mental illness to mere codes for billing purposes, and over pathologizes normal adaptation to life events. Added to this controversy is increasing pressure for psychiatry to treat patients as a collection of chemicals to be balanced by medications featured in sunny primetime TV commercials: a concerning oversimplification of psychopharmacology. These growing challenges can divert us away from what brings people in for help in the first place, the humanity and unique story of each individual.

    In the realm of public mental health and policy, there have been major advances decades in the making, as well as tremendous challenges that continue to test whether we can put innovations into practice. Advancements are many, including the 1999 Supreme Court ‘Olmstead’ decision which has led to greater community integration "asserting the civil rights of individuals to live in the least restrictive, most integrated settings" (1) and, the passage of insurance parity – the reimbursement of mental health conditions on level with medical conditions – in 2008. However, despite these developments, and in the face of growing demand for community mental health services, budgets to fund these very services continue to shrink across the nation.

    It is precisely because of "these times" of great advances and challenges that the leadership of Gary Steck and Joan Pesce brought us together to keep our eyes on what is truly important, providing the best care possible. By broadening our base with the most evidence informed treatments, and enhancing our depth with a variety of levels of care, we are becoming not only larger, but a true life span provider. With a sturdy stance in our community and the ability to flex and adapt moving forward, we can focus on providing continuity and the highest quality care to the most vulnerable. This approach will allow us to weather the ever changing landscape before us.


See you in rounds,


Wellmore has been named DCF's "Community Partner" for Region 5

    Program: Community Support for Families.


    The Department of Children and Families (DCF) has, over the past year, reframed its mission from one focused predominantly on child safety and placement, to one that seeks to advance the health, safety and learning of all children in its care and custody. A full partnership with families and communities is essential for this child's well being outcome to be accomplished.

    As part of this restructuring, DCF has chosen 6 Community Partners across the state through a competitive bid process to expand and coordinate neighborhood and community networks of services and resources for vulnerable families and their children. This initiative is intended to conpliment and support DCF's movement toward a reform approach called Differential Response that enables child welfare agencies to respond differently to accepted reports of abuse and neglect based on the level of risk. In our part of the State, Wellmore will be assisting DCF in engaging low risk families and connect them to concrete, traditional and non-traditional resources and services in the community through our Community Support for Families program.

    The goal of DCF's Differential Response System (DRS) is to meet the individualized needs of families by connecting them to an array of community supports and resources designed to promote the safety and well-being of children and their families and divert them from ongoing involvement in a child-protection service agency. Published practice and research highlighting a differential response approach have shown that families who make connections with neighborhood and community supports are likely to reach out to these supports in times of crisis, often avoiding a subsequent report to the child welfare agency. Successful implementation of DRS has also been shown to reduce the need for out-of-home placements of children and youth.

    (Information extracted from State of CT, RFP, Community Support for Families, Sept. 2011)

    Wellmore's Community Support for Families program is expected to serve approximately 180 families from Region 5, which includes the Waterbury, Torrington, and Danbury DCF Area Offices. Referrals will be generated from the 3 area offices (in our Region) for families that are willing to receive services and who would benefit from continued community support services. Community Support for Families will provide families with case management, advocacy and service provision for a period of time ranging from 30 days to up to a period of 6 months. We have hired 1 Team Leader, 5 Community Support Workers and 1.5 Parent Navigators to work within the program. The program will be housed at 402 East Main Street. The program will work from a philosophy of engaging families through emphasizing their current strengths and needs and building a support network for each family, inviting family members, neighbors, and other community support systems to participate in child and family team meetings and conferencing in order to achieve successful outcomes.

    Wellmore has recieved a three year grant from DCF to support the implementation of this program. We are extremely pleased to have been selected as DCF's Community Partner here in Region 5 and welcome the new program staff and touching the lives of the children and families served within this new initiative.


Written by: Marcy Kane, Vice President of Child Services

Wellmore's 1st Health & Wellness Fair

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coco Key Grandball Room, Waterbury, CT

    Wellmore staff had a chance to walk around and meet various vendors from the greater Waterbury area to learn about their Health & Wellness.

    These vendors included:

        Mass Mutual        Kool Smiles        AT&T        

        Mutual Security   Aetna                Cigna

        St. Mary's Occupational Health Center & Stroke Center

        New England Home Care        Dr. Jonathan Goodman

        Aflac        Jane Doe No More/Escape Alive

        YMCA        Weight Watchers        OptiCare

        Amazing Dance & Fitness LLC

    Thank you to all the Vendors that participated to make this Health & Wellness Fair a success! And congratulations to all the Years of Service Award recipients!  

    Two questions were submitted during the All Staff Meeting. They have been answered by Gary Steck, CEO.

1) How will the merger affect employee benefits such as paid holidays, vacation and sick time?

A: Effective July 1, 2012, when the remaining Morris Foundation employees are scheduled to move to Wellmore, all staff will be under Wellmore's generous benefit package. Health insurance, life insurance and disability insurance are already unified. Morris employees will not lose any of their accrued benefit time but it will carry-over to Wellmore (PTO balances will convert to Sick time, and Vacation will carry-over). There will be employee meetings before the transition date to discuss this in more detail.

2) Now that the 2 agencies have merged and there are more billable services, is there any hope for raises for staff in the future?

A: The budget for the coming year will not be completed for several months yet, to synchronize with the State budget cycle. It would be premature to speculate on State funding. We continue to advocate for the best possible payment, which represents the majority of our budget. The ability of Wellmore to provide wage increases is directly tied to the State budget process.    



This story is from our Program Manager, Marie Courtemanche for Women and Children's Program. Marie's program demonstrates how a mother with determination can over come any obsticle. 

    Daiva's story is a story of true Morris Foundation success. When Daiva was unable to manage her addiction in IOP, she came to the Women and Children's Program. Her child was in the custody of DCF and her family relationships had soured. Diava was homeless, unemployed and motivated to change her life.

    During the five months that she was at the WCP, Daiva did just that. She participated in the program with enthusiasm. She worked hard to meet the goals that she set for herself and when she completed WCP, she had reunited with her 1 year-old son and moved into her own apartment. Daiva went on to complete IOP at the Morris Foundation and utilized the support of her Supportive Housing for Families case manager to maintain her apartment.

    Daiva is currently enrolled in Early Childhood Education classes at NVCC, is working part time and volunteers at a day care on a regular basis. I feel very proud to report about Daiva's accomplishments and her success is a testament to her determination and positive attitude. It also speaks volumes about the continuity of care and collaboration at the Morris Foundation that helps our clients meet their goals. I look forward to sharing more success stories in the near future.


This is a story from Diane Britz, Team Leader for Wellmore's Nurturing Families Network.

    I found out I was pregnant at age 16. I had a thousand different thoughts running through my mind when that pregnancy test came out positive. My family had such high hopes for me, would I be letting them down? How would I support this baby? Would the Father be involved even though we're not together? How would he react? I always knew I would be a Mom and hoped some day to be pregnant but not so young. Am I ready? What is going to happen to me? How will I care for this baby? How do I tell my parents?

    I heard about the NFN Parenting Groups after my friend saw a flyer for a Prenatal Group on the window of a store. She encouraged me to call since I knew nothing about pregnancy or having a baby. My friend and I both attended group during my pregnancy and loved it. Not only were the strategies and information that the Group Facilitators provided helpful for me during my pregnancy but I really began to feel like coming to group was an extension of my family. I felt that I could truly rely on the Staff and trust that they would be there for me, not only during weekly group sessions but between sessions too.

    I learned about the NFN Home Visiting program through the Group Facilitators. They told me that I might benefit from having a Parent Educator who would come to my home each week to help me learn more about my baby, provide emotional support and teach me new parenting skills. I jumped at the chance to have this extra support.

    My Home Visitor began coming to my house while I was in my second trimester. She was a Mother herself and was very easy to trust. My Home Visitor coached me through my pregnancy, helped me to understand the changes that were occurring with my body and taught me about how my baby was developing. My Home Visitor supported me in making all the decisions that I would need to make regarding how to complete School, what kind of child care arrangements I would need when the baby arrived, how to pick a pediatrician, etc. My Home Visitor was also a great sounding board when I was experiencing family or relationship problems. Once the Baby came, my Home Visitor was extremely helpful in teaching me parenting skills, following my baby's development with the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, answering my questions and just being another support to reassure me that I was doing a good job in parenting my new baby. I continue to see my Home Visitor weekly and look forward to attending Parenting Groups each week.

    The NFN program has helped me by teaching me to be patient with my baby, how to deal more effectively with stress and by teaching me what I can expect of my baby at each stage. Through group I have learned about positive parenting and how to discipline effectively. The NFN program has also helped to motivate me to stay in school and look towards my future goals. The program has helped me to look for a job so that I can be independent and support my baby. Most of all the NFN program has supported me in being the parent I want to be for my child and not repeating the parenting patterns that I grew up with. The program has made me into a Mother and has given me the tools I need to be a good parent. I feel very cared for and supported by the NFN staff. It is clear that the staff in NFN loves their jobs and wants to be there for the families in the program. The NFN program has become a large part of my support system. When they encourage me to call if I need something they really mean it. The NFN staff makes me feel valued and supported as a new parent.

    The NFN programs receive funding support from The State of Connecticut Children’s Trust Fund and The Exchange Club Family Life Foundation of Greater Waterbury.                  

Wellmore Admininstration wore red for the

Go Red For Women movement!

 Wellmore Goes Red

On Friday, February 3rd, Wellmore wore red in recognition of National Wear Red day. In the Go Red for Women movement, Wellmore staff bought and wore Red Dress Pins. Wellmore as an agency was able to raise $500 to go towards the cause! Thank you to all the staff who participated in this event! A special thanks goes to the staff that helped sell Go Red pins:

Sandy LaRoche

Wendy Robicheau

Cathy Brunetti

Tricia Bouffard

Sharone Hamer

Melanie Mitchell

Marie Courtemanche

Rafael Avila

Kelly Babjak



    April is here and it's officially Spring. This is the time of year that Wellmore begins the process of evaluating our medical and dental insurances, as well as life insurance, short and long term disability insurances. Our Broker, Smith Brothers, is supplied with a census of all our full time employees and their current coverage options. This year, the Morris Foundation employees have been added to our census. Smith Brothers supplies this census to our current carriers as well as other insurance companies in Connecticut. Based on our census, claims history, and market analysis - each company provides us with an quote on what their premium would be for the June 1, 2012 - May 31, 2013 plan year.

    Our goal is to offer our employees a comprehensive plan, with a large network of doctors and hospitals that is cost effective and affordable. Once we have determined whether we are staying with our current carriers or switching to a different carrier, we will arrange Employee Open Enrollment Meetings in May to explain the plans being offered and complete any necessary paperwork.


    Luckily we had a mild winter and our employees remained safe with less slips/falls and car accidents than in the previous winters.

    One item that our Workers Comp carrier measures is something called "lag time". Lag time is defined as the period of time between the date that the claim/injury/incident occurs and the date that the claim is reported to the workers compensation insurance company (our carrier is The Trust). Delays in reporting claims to the carrier may impact the treatment received as well as affecting the ultimate cost of the claim.

    Our goal is to report all claims to the Trust within 24 hours of occurance. This allows the Trust and the injured employee to establish a relationship early in the process to assure them the claim is being handled properly and the injured worker receives their benefits quickly and accurately if the claim is compensable. HR is responsible for completing a First Report of Injury to the Trust to initiate the claim. HR also files a "For Record Only" to the Trust for employees that have an accident or injury and they do not miss any time away from work nor receive any medical treatment - so report all injuries/accidents.

    Please stay safe but if you are injured, no matter how insignificant it may be, please report it to your supervisor or his/her designee immediately and complete the Incident/Accident form (at Wellmore found in the I/A database). Supervisors should notify HR of the incident as soon as possible so we may give our authorization for the employee to be treated by Saint Mary's Occupational Health.


    Don't forget we have Employee Suggestion boxes at numerous locations at both Morris and Wellmore. If you have a suggestion or need a question answered, call or send HR an email or utilize the Employee Suggestion box. Thank you!!  

Sally Norton

Human Resources Director


    The Wellmore Spot Award Program recognizes employees for their day-to-day efforts that contribute in a special way to getting the job done. Supervisors give immediate recognition to acknowledge and reward employee excellence. We congratulate all the staff members who received Spot Awards during the first few months of 2012!

January 2012                                            March 2012

John Cyr                                                    Madelyn Mangini

Lee Seeman

February 2012                                            April 2012

Arina Medovnikov                                        Rafael Avila

Priscilla Tyson                                            Jennifer Rodriguez

Janina Tauro                                              Jackie Quinones

Marilyn Rodriguez

Rafael Aquino

Ricacha Jimenez


    Many thanks go out to the thirty four staff members who took the time to respond to the Cultural Audit Survey questions distributed in January. The purpose of the survey was to ascertain the aspects and activities of each agency which should be carried forward and the areas that could be improved upon as we endeavor to develop the culture of our merged agency, Wellmore.

    The survey results indicate that staff has an understanding and appreciation for the historical roots of each agency and recognition of the current contributions of the CEOs and leadership teams in both agencies. In addition, staff responses showed a deep commitment to the mission and clients and the desire to provide high quality, evidence-based services with positive outcomes.

    The activities most appreciated are "All Staff Meetings," summer picnics, Pizza Truck, Frankie's Truck, Holiday parties and "In Good Taste" fundraiser. The unanimous response was "any staff get-together with food!"

    The successes that people mentioned most were the merger of Morris Foundation and Wellpath, and the growth and diversity of programs. The purchase of 141 East Main Street and accreditation were also mentioned as impressive achievements.

    The areas for improvement included increasing communication both externally and internally. The need to publicize our services more so people understand what we offer, who is eligible and how to access them was mentioned as being very important. The need for improved internal communication was focused around the need for more information regarding the merger and other major changes within the organization.

    All of the results of the survey have been communicated to the Executive Management Team and will be addressed through various departments or existing committees. We count on the cooperation of each person to help us carry on the traditions and practices that have been most valued and to help create new ways to make Wellmore the preferred workplace in our region.


Joan M. Pesce

Executive Vice President/Mission Integration



February 2012

Alma Gusic, Clinician, Outpatient Services (Children)

Jenelle Hill, Crisis Clinician, EMPS Services

Jessica Brown, Executive Assistant, Administrative Services

Jessica Matyka, Clinician, Outpatient Services (Adult)

Gisele Booker, CSF Worker, Community Support for Families

Ednaly Ayala, CSF Worker, Community Support for Families

Jessenia Perez, CSF Worker, Community Support for Families

Jennifer Dionne, CSF Worker, Community Support for Families

Randall Brown, CSF Worker, Community Support for Families

Erica Tofano, CSF Team Leader, Community Support for Families

Athela Sibilia, Crisis Clinician, EMPS


          February 2012             March 2012

5 YEARS - Lori McWeeney          6 YEARS - Marcy Kane

4 YEARS - Kate Jordan               5 YEARS - Ana Fisher

3 YEARS  - Megan Vendetti        4 YEARS - Amy Osiecki

              - Regan Moriarty        3 YEARS - Hema Mehta

              - Jason Paugas                        - Cathy Kelley

              - Mayra Ruiz                          - Roosevelt Collins                     

 1 YEAR - Elizabeth Reilly                       - Lindsay Carrington

                                                            - Joy Brundage

                                                2 YEARS - Milissa Flores

                                                              - Diane Desmarais

                                                              - Yolanda Briones

                                                              - Lisa Bloom

                                                 1 YEAR   - Eric Acosta



February 2012                 March 2012

8 YEARS - Mhiku Charles                   2 YEARS - Victor Pittman

6 YEARS - Esther Padilla                    1 YEAR  - Rachel Redd

4 YEARS - Rodney Parker                              - Sharon Carosella

             - Natalie PIna

2 YEARS - Charles Telford                                                    


Wellmore is currently offering

Discounted Tickets to

Wellmore and Morris staff for

Lake Compounce 2012 Season 

For more information please contact Human Resources

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