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October 2012




   Transformational Times Newsletter   

Important Dates:


"In Good Taste"-November 27, 2012 5:30-9:30pm at La Bella Vista

Call Jackie Post at 203-574-9000 ext.109 for details


-NEW LOCATION-Wellmore's 2013 Annual Golf Tournament on May 15, 2013 held at Great River Golf Club in Milford, CT




Corporate Offices

141 East Main Street

Waterbury, CT 06702

Phone: 203-574-9000

Fax:  203-574-9006

Child & Adolescent Services

Waterbury - Clinical Services

70 Pine Street, Waterbury, CT 06710

Phone: 203-756-7287 or

1-855-WELLMORE (935-5667)

Fax: 203-596-0722

Home-Based Services
141 E. Main St., Waterbury, CT 06702

Phone: 203-575-0466

Fax:  203-575-1817

Naugatuck - Clinical Services

305 Church St., Naugatuck, CT 06770

Phone: 203-723-9599

Fax:  203-723-9890

Torrington - Services Clinical

30 Peck Rd., Bldg 2, Suite 2203

Torrington, CT  06790

Phone: 860-626-7007

Fax: 860-626-7014


Adult Services

Wellmore, Inc.

402 E. Main St.,Waterbury, CT 06702

Phone: 203-755-1143

Fax:  203-755-1447

Waterbury- Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

402 E. Main St, Waterbury, CT 06702

Phone: 203-755-1143

Fax:  203-753-3274

Shelton - Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

30 Controls Dr., Shelton, CT 06484

Phone: 203-944-0366

Fax: 203-944-0159

Therapeutic Shelter

142 Griggs St., Waterbury, CT 06704

Phone: 203-574-1419

Fax: 203-578-4180

Morris Recovery House

26 N. Elm St., Waterbury, CT 06702

Phone: 203-574-3986

Fax: 203-597-5459

Women and Children's Program

79 Beacon St., Waterbury, CT 06704

Phone: 203-574-3311

Fax: 203-574-3315


























Wellmore hires Dr. Robert Plant as Chief Clinical Operator.







Kathleen McPadden, current Board member of Wellmore, participates in our Golf Tournament.





Pictured above is Vice President of Development, Jackie Post and Chairman John Vaz of our 2012 Golf Tournament.




The first place winners of the 2012 Golf Tournament from left to right are Jim Langlais, Tony Mancini, Ken Russo, and Ray Perreault.





A hole sponsor sign that was purchased by "A Friend of Wellmore."








Gary Steck, Marcy Kane and Len Mecca pose for a picture during the resception at the Golf Tournament.



The beautiful scenery from the golf course of Fairview Farms.




Jennifer Pitts, HR Assistant has a little baby girl, Isabella.



Jeanette Mino White in Child First also had a new addition to her family.


Eilleen Donnolly Phillips and her husband Tom welcomed a new baby girl, Madeleine Margaret Phillips on September 2, 1012.








Christine Hauser in Children's Outpatient got married.


Christina Giacobbe in IICAPS got married.


Raymond Bosworth, a CCW at Paladin got married on June 9, 2012.


Danielle Grant from IICAPS got married on June 24, 2012.







Mary Painter and Priscilla Tyson at a gathering to Congratulate Priscilla on her achievement of getting her Master's degree.




Freda Driscoll Sbar, Marcia Geddes and Sally Norton enjoy a  Frankie's lunch, which was provided by Dr. Young and his wife Jennifer.




Staff enjoy the great treat of Frankies.




Wellmore staff, enjoying the Frankie's food.



Wellmore staff from our Adult Outpatient enjoy the food from our Annual Staff Picnic.


Staff enjoying the delicious food from Bantam Bistro. YUM!!





























Sally Norton, HR Director


Duane Persad, MAIOP

HR Manager


Jennifer Pitts, MBA

HR Assistant




Wellmore's In Home Supervisors host a "Minute to Win It" contest for their staff.




Wellmore's winning team of the "Minute To Win It" contest are Robert Allegrini and Shawn Bazemore.  Great Job!




Marcy Kane, Vice President of Children's Services, attempts to get all the gumballs into the bottle in less than a minute.




Duane Persad, Manager of HR, looks on as Marcia Geddes, CFO, attempts to complete a task in less than a minute.



Arthur Roy looks on at his teammate, Amy Osieki as she attemps to pick up a toothbrush using just the brim of a hat, during the "Minute To Win It Contest." 





Jenn Virbilia, FFT team leader, and Sally Norton, HR Director, help out during the "Minute To Win It" contest.





















Gary Steck hugs Joan Pesce at her Retirement party held at the Marriott in Waterbury.








Staff members pose with Joan Pesce for a picture at her Retirement Party.


Staff enjoys a treat from the ice cream truck at 141 East Main Street.




The ice cream truck also visited staff at Pine Street.


Staff at 402 enjoys ice cream from the ice cream truck as well.
























































































Newsletter Edited by:

Jennifer Pitts

Jessica Brown

Did Florence ever meet Morris?

By Gary M. Steck, Wellmore Chief Executive Officer

Growing up and working most of my life in Waterbury, I am well versed in ‘Waterbury-speak’, the local equivalent to “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” where somehow, magically, you are able to find a connection to the city with someone who’s soda you accidently knock over at a Disneyland concession stand or who is sitting next to you watching fireworks on a New Year’s eve in Sydney.   It is a bit spooky but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made such a connection with a perfect stranger.  Everybody seems to have a cousin who worked at Scovill’s, was watching Rosalind Russell’s movie premier at the State Theatre on the night the great flood began in 1955 or who once danced at Blackies hot dog stand.  The ties that bind us together are not always apparent but can have a huge impact on this community as is the case with two apparent strangers, Florence Martin Chase and Morris Rosenblum.

Florence Martin Chase was the wife of an executive at the Chase Brass and Copper Company and the mother of four who lived in affluence but shunned the social conventions of the 1940’s and 50’s to become an activist and pioneer in the field of children’s mental health.  She was a foundering member of the Child Guidance Clinic of Waterbury and through ardent advocacy helped establish a state-wide system of specialized mental health services for children.

Morris Rosenblum came to the United States with nothing but the cloths on his back having survived the horrors of the Nazi death camp at Aushwicz and settled in Waterbury.  He opened a modest bicycle shop in downtown.  In 1967, members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) wanted to provide help to men who had stopped drinking but needed more support before returning to their families and jobs. Mr. Rosenblum donated two floors of his building to help AA members realize their dream.  About two years later, Morris House, opened its doors to men suffering from alcoholism.

Sixty years later I wonder if Florence Martin Chase and Morris Rosenblum ever met?  I may never know but using Waterbury-speak they are connected as the respective ‘mother’ and ‘father’ of what has now grown to be Wellmore Behavioral Health, a legacy of hope, healing and wellness that now reaches 15,000 area residents each year.    And now, you, as the Wellmore family, friends and supporters are now connected because of the gifts of Florence and Morris!

Just for fun, my Waterbury-speak from this article is that my grandfather worked at the now defunct Scovill Manufacturing (located on the site of Wellmore Adult Outpatient Services in Waterbury), my mother was at the premier of ‘‘The Girl Rush” at the State Theatre in 1955 (now the site of Wellmore headquarters) and four generations of family lore includes many Blackies stories, but as stenciled on the wall, “No Dancing” is permitted. 





Medical Corner- Mental Health and Beginning

By: Dr. Christopher Young


For a mother and father, having or adopting a new baby can be one of the most exciting, challenging and wonderful events a family can experience.  The excitement and wonder comes with this new person and represents a beginning, a new beginning for a family.However, the challenges that face new families during this time--specifically mothers--can be significant.

The late months of a pregnancy along with the period of time just after delivery are often referred to as the perinatal period. While this is an exciting time for most families, for some women who are genetically vulnerable the abrupt hormonal changes that occur with delivery can lead to anxiety, depression and emotional illness.  While the incidence of mental illness is roughly equivalent between pregnant, non-pregnant and postpartum women, some studies have shown that for those women who have a history of a psychiatric disorder such as depression, upwards of 50% will develop a severe exacerbation of their illness following delivery.

With little guidance from regulatory agencies like the FDA, treatment decisions, particularly regarding psychotropic medications in this period, need to be highly individualized.  For affected women, an ongoing conversation about the balance of potential harm to the fetus or breastfeeding infant versus the risks of not taking medications needs to occur to determine their unique treatment plan.

On the one hand, the risks of not treating depression and anxiety during pregnancy are multiple and can lead to preterm labor, pre-eclampsia (hypertension of pregnancy) and low birth weight (1). The risks of not treating the mother continue after delivery and untreated depression in mothers has been associated with children developing disruptive behavior and mood problems of their own.  On the other hand, when medications for anxiety and depression are used during pregnancy, they have been linked to preterm birth, cardiac defects, poor lung development and a neonatal adaptation syndrome that can lead to seizures (2). It is this balance of uncertain dangers of medication exposure versus the known harms of uncontrolled maternal stress on fetal development that drive the discussion between mother and care provider.

To understand the psychological and social context, a women’s partner can play an important stabilizing or destabilizing role in this perinatal period. There is an increased chance of mood and anxiety disorders in the postpartum period for single mothers and women involved in destructive intimate relationships. Keeping these risks in mind, understanding and support of the family environment, as well as the workplace for women who choose to return to work after delivery, is important in fostering thriving children and families. 

A growing majority of women in our culture are now working during pregnancy and returning to work within months of delivering.  The consequences of managing all the corresponding roles of mother, wife, partner and employee are not well understood. While each woman’s situation is unique, and juggling a variety of roles can lead to stress, several studies have shown that the return to full time employment is protective against postpartum depression when compared with unemployment. As mental health professionals, it is our business to recognize what the key factors are in order to support new mothers that may be referred our way.

A new mother’s satisfaction with her childcare seems to be one of these key ingredients. Women that are comfortable and confident with their childcare arrangements are often more content with a return to full time work. Social networks and supports have been recognized as protective to new mothers as well.  Whether these networks are created via coworkers, friends and or families, all have been linked to mental wellbeing in women and can facilitate a positive transition back into the workplace.

Patient-centered clinicians who are aware of the multiple stressors facing new mothers can provide resources and suggest coping strategies to anticipate stress and conflicts during this transition period. Forming ties with or joining groups of expectant mothers with similar due dates might be an option for some. As they are juggling so much in this period of time, many mothers may want to skip or make light of social, cultural and religious rituals. Yet, it is these very traditions--baptismal celebrations, Bris ceremonies among others--that can provide an anchoring in social and cultural foundations which may serve as tremendous supports.

Mental health care providers can play a valuable role in assisting and advocating for new mothers and their children as they navigate our fast paced planet. Being aware of the challenges, supports and treatments that are unique to new mothers can help them provide more resilient children who are the future of new beginnings.




1-      Frank, JB. Perinatal Psychiatric Disorders. Psychiatric Annals 2012, vol 42:7, 250-251

2-      Hayes RM et al. Maternal Antidepressant use and adverse outcomes: A cohort study of 228,876 pregnancies. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2012 Jul; 207:49.e1



By Mary Painter, Vice President of Adult Services


In mid-October 2011, the Adult Outpatient Waterbury department (OPW) began the Open Access model of walk-in evaluations.  OPW changed from scheduling evaluation appointments to seeing clients for same day appointments when they arrive at our office.  When clients call, we tell them to walk in.  Wellmore is a pioneer in this type of service delivery and it is expected that this will be the preferred model for agencies like ours in the future.  This new model is in line with the Recovery Model of care and promotes increased accessibility and prompt availability of care to consumers when they need it.  Immediate intervention for clients is the ideal manner in which to engage them into the treatment process. Prompt access to care is routinely requested by consumers and referral sources locally and within the treatment system at large.  This Open Access model provides immediate access to services when needed.   We have received favorable feedback from our vendors and many clients are very happy to be seen immediately.  OPW staff have done an outstanding job changing to a very different mode of service delivery and having so much success!  Desiree Scime, LMFT, LADC has been promoted to Team Leader for Open Access and has also done an outstanding job of managing this project.




What is REACT? 

Responding to Children of Arrested Caregivers Together


By Dr. Marcy Kane

Wellmore has been invited to participate in a new and exciting collaboration with the Waterbury Police department in supporting children during and following the arrest of a caregiver.


Responding to Children of Arrested Caregivers Together is an innovative, evidence-informed model promoting collaboration between families, law enforcement, EMPS mobile crisis clinicians, and child welfare to support children during and following the arrest of a caregiver. The model was developed through a review of research, consultation with national experts, and a local Advisory board. The purpose if to minimize children’s distress and traumatic stress reactions, to support remaining caregivers in their care of the child, and to maintain the child’s relationship with the arrested caregiver when helpful and possible.


RISKS to children:


Every year in Connecticut, approximately 68,000 children have a caregiver who is arrested. This sudden and occasionally violent removal of a caregiver from a child’s life for an indeterminate amount of time can be incredibly distressing and confusing. These children are at significant risk for:

Traumatic stress, depression, and anxietyBehavior problems and delinquencyIncreased poverty and basic needsChanges in living situation and caregiversDisrupted relationships and attachmentsShame, stigma, and loyalty conflicts


REACT is designed to offer tools, best practices, and resources to police officers and families during this time of distress to support children and their remaining caregivers. The REACT model includes training and technical assistance to police officers, EMPS, and child welfare staff in implementing a local collaborative response.


The REACT model piloted in the Waterbury area will be a partnership between the Waterbury Police Department, the Waterbury Area Office of the Department and Children and Families, and Wellmore’s EMPS program. Other partners include the Child Health and Development Institute’s Connecticut Center for Effective Practice, the Connecticut Alliance to Benefit Law Enforcement, the Department of Corrections, and Court Support Services Division and funding is provided through the Institute of Municipal and Regional Policy at Central CT State University.  Finally an evaluation of the REACT project here in Waterbury will be evaluated by the Department of Psychology at CCSU.


Two, 2-day Trainings kicked off the efforts in this region, which occurred in July and were hosted here at Wellmore Behavioral Health. Cathy Scheidel, LMFT (Director of Outpatient and Community Support Services) along with Mark Augustine, LMFT (EMPS Project Coordinator) Michelle Andrew, LCSW (EMPS Team Leader) and their valued EMPS staff assisted with these trainings. We will next begin to develop specific plans for our pilot project here in Waterbury with the Waterbury Police Department and look forward to this exciting Partnership!








The following is a letter of recognition sent by Mary Painter, our Vice President of Adult Services regarding Priscilla Tyson, Manager of Special Services.


Priscilla Tyson was one of 20 applicants across the country selected to participate in the Center for Integrated Health Solutions (CIHS) 2012 Addressing Health Disparities Leadership Program.  This program is about commitment to nurturing a workforce that will help reduce disparities for diverse racial, ethnic, and LGBT minority groups receiving community-based primary and behavioral healthcare. Through the Addressing Health Disparities Leadership Program, managers and leaders will be trained to eliminate access, service quality, and outcome disparities.  This 7 month program includes 2 in person meetings (in Washington DC and Nevada) and webinars on:

-Awareness of health disparities and strategies to address them; cultural and linguistic competence; data collection; and program evaluation.

-Integration as a Strategy to Address Health Disparities: Leveraging primary and behavioral health integration to address health disparities; clinical, finance, and operational models of integration; health and wellness; evidence-based practices; engaging consumers and families in recovery.

-Leadership Skill to Reduce Health Disparities: Adaptive leadership techniques; change management; collaborations and teamwork; and conflict resolution.

Congratulations, Priscilla!









Annual All Staff Picnic

Thank you to all the staff who attending our staff luncheon.  Due to Mother Nature, it was held at the 141 East Main Street parking garage.  That did not deter the good times had by all.  Thank you to Bantam Bistro, who provided the delicious food.  Congratulations to the winners.

The following employees won the Raffle Item listed below:   

Mystic Aquarium Tickets - Rebecca Zadlo, Quality Performance Data Analyst

Target Gift Card - Marilia Cerretta, Medical Records  Supervisor

Kid City Tickets - Antonio Coles, Clinician, Adult Outpatient

32" Flat Screen TV – Elena Conde, Clinician, Adult Outpatient

Hana Japanese Restaurant Certificate – Shakina Gordon, Admin Liaison Specialist

Red Sox Tickets – Gisele Booker, Community Support for Families

Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park – Lori Sills, APRN – Adult Outpatient

Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Certificate – Marie Courtemanche, Program Manager WCP







2012- Best in Waterbury

The Waterbury Observer readers voted Wellmore Behavioral Health, as one of the BEST businesses in the 2012 Best of Waterbury reader's survey.  There are 28,000 ballots that were published by the Observer.  Readers were asked to sit down and select their favorite restaurants, mechanics and doctors, etc.  Basically, what businesses in the Greater Waterbury area, do their readers trust to deliver their goods.  A Best of Waterbury/s Winner's Certificate was awarded to us. 

Thank you to all Wellmore staff who made this possible!







Finance Department Restructure Announcement- by Marcia Geddes, CFO

With the work of the Morris Foundation corporate dissolution finally completed, it is with great pleasure to announce the new structure of our joined finance department to the rest of the Wellmore family.   This new structure will be effective and efficient as we begin our new fiscal year operations as intended when Wellmore was created. 

Jaime Mastroianni has been named Controller of Wellmore Inc.  The daily operations of the finance staff and billing department will be under her direct purview.  

Stephanie Liscak has been named Senior Financial Analyst and will report directly to Marcia Geddes, CFO.  Stephanie will be responsible for all budget, grant and reporting responsibilities including any special projects and corporate compliance duties assigned.

Finance Department Staff:

Hema Mehta has been named Senior Accountant, with primary responsibility of all general ledger postings and payroll accountability.  

Donata Odorczuk has been named Accountant and will work closely with Hema on payroll, postings and other closing month activities.

Demetrius  Dailey and Rose Smith, Accounting Clerks will continue to maintain responsibility for all payable related functions as well as most of the supply purchasing of the agency.   

Billing Department Staff:

Michelle Terry has been named Billing Supervisor and will directly supervise the billing department for all 1st and 3rd party activities for adult and children programs.

Colleen Maturo has become a full time employee and will help the billing team of Valery Wittstein, Natalie Pina, Nicole Grant,  and Frances Goessinger with billing, rebilling and collections efforts.

I would like to give a big ‘shout out’ for the individuals mentioned above.  They have had a few tough months that have brought many changes and challenges to them but have resulted in success by their great flexibility and endearing patience.   They have handled these changes positively and professionally and I thank each and every one.  The ending of our two separate companies into the creation of one larger organization was very successful due in part to the work of the above group.  Other administrative groups to be acknowledged include:

Human Resource Department- Sally Norton, Director of Human Resources, Duane Persad and Jennifer Pitts. 

Information Technology Department - Freda Driscoll Sbar- Director of System Operations, including Arina Medovnikov, Margaret Buell, Paula Engler, Cindy Salmoiraghi, Rebecca Zadlo, Lee Seeman, Dennis Jones and Brett Bogdan. 

Facilities Department-  Bob Gugliotti, Director of Facilities, including Mike DiMasso, Steve Lavaway and Dan Bosco.  Let’s give a big thank you to these individuals when you see them in the hallways!! 



Additional Promotions/Transfers:


-Caroline Pierce went from IICAPS Clinician to Team Leader for Community Support for Families.

Jill Humphrey went from IICAPS Senior Clinician to Team Leader Family Enrichment Services.

Jennifer Rodriguez went from Senior Administrative Support Specialist to Office Manager.

Kelmarie Lara went from Admin Support Specialist to HIM Clerk.

Heather Kunkel went from ECCP Consultant to Clinician Adult Outpatient/Waterbury.

Evelyn Rodriguez went from ECCP Consultant to Senior ECCP consultant.

Milissa Flores went from clinician FFT to Clinician Adult Outpatient/Shelton.

Dennis Jones went from Systems Administrator to Senior Network Administrator.

Brett Bogdan went from Inofmation Technology Technician to IT Network Specialist.

Elizabeth Reilly went from Child Care Worker to Mental Health Counselor IICAPS.

William Finneran went from Child Care Worker to Mental Health Counselor IICAPS.

Lori McWeeney went from IICAPS clinician to Senior Clinician for IICAPS.

Amilcar Armmand went from Counselor Aide to Case Manager for OP/Waterbury.

Dawn DeFeo went from ECCP consultant to Child First Clinician.

Elise Santiago went from Care Coordinator to Crisis Clinician for EMPS.






The Wellmore Spot Award Program recognizes employees for their day-to-day efforts that contribute in a special way to getting the job done. Supervisors give immediate recognition to acknowledge and reward employee excellence. We congratulate all the staff members who received Spot Awards!


-John Cyr                    -Lee Seeman              -Priscilla Tyson

-Arina Medovnikov        -Janina Tauro             -Rafael Avila

-Marilyn Rodriguez       -Jennifer Rodriguez     -Jackie Quinones

-Pam Emons                 -Rosa Luis                  -Peter Schwartz

-Brett Bogdan             -Christina Jackson       -Ray Bosworth

-Diane Desmaris           -Christina Hauser        -Laura Bonczek

-Ana Petrillo               -Michelle Teixeira       -Brett Daly

-Stephanie Sills           -Cindy Salmoiraghi       -Celeste Torres

-Jeanette Mina-White  -Maria Carr                -Shelly Murphy

-Sara Klemeshefsky      - Amy Mulrooney        - Barbara Belval

-Shawn Bazemore        - Nancy Dionzio          - Rebecca Zadlo

-Rebecca Russo          - Sandy Vargas            - Erica Saez                      



A Wellmore "Star" is a person who demonstrates excellence both as an individual and as part of a team, who consistently goes above and beyond expectations, and who holds our clients in the highest regard. This person leads by example and strives to promote the mission and values of Wellmore with the adults, children and families we serve.


Spring 2012 Star Award Winners: (From left to right) Laura DaSilve, Gary Steck, CEO, and Regan Moriarty. 


Summer 2012 Star Award Winners: (From left to right) Desiree Scime, Gary Steck, CEO, and Michelle Teixeira.








           FEBRUARY 2012             MARCH 2012

 5 YEARS - LoriMcWeeney            6 YEARS - Marcy Kane

 4 YEARS - Kate Jordan                5 YEARS - Ana Fisher

 3 YEARS - Megan Vendetti          4 YEARS - Amy Osiecki

              - Regan Moriarty          3 YEARS - Hema Meta              

              - Jason Paugus                           - Cathy Kelley

              -  Mayra Ruiz                            -Roosevelt Collins

   1 YEAR -  Elizabeth Reilly                       - Lindsay Carrington

                                                              - Joy Brundage

                                                 2 YEARS - Joseph Ryan

                                                              - Milissa Flores

                                                              - Diane Desmaris

                                                              - Yolanda Briones

                                                              - Lisa Bloom

                                                1 YEAR    - Eric Acosta                                                                                                             


  APRIL 2012                          MAY 2012

12 YEARS - Harriet Sternthal       9 YEARS - Stacey Rubinfeld

 6 YEARS  - Jennifer Virbilia       8 YEARS - Dennis Jones

 4 YEARS  - Elizabeth Torres                 - Carola Susanin

               - Freda Driscoll-Sbar     7 YEARS - Marisol Martinez

 3 YEARS  - Carmen Vallerie         4 YEARS  - Susan Williamson

               - Mirta Sabino                            - James Mobilio

               - Melanie Mitchell                        - Robert McClain

              - Ebony McDaniel                         - Michelle Keesler

               - Tasha Lott                                - Stephanie Licsak

2 YEARS   - Michelle Teixeira                       - Lewis Hill

               - Cathy Scheidel                          - Laura DaSilva

              - Jeanette Mina-White                 - Halima Butlker

               - Kelmarie Lara                          - Mark Augustine

              - Danielle Grant                          - Marta Alvarado

               - Victoria Bosse            3 YEARS  - Paula Engler

1 YEAR     - Monica Moises             2 YEARS - Marilyn Rodriguez

               - Susanna Forte                          - Providencia DeSantis

               - Angela Dowdell             1 YEAR  - William Finneran

                                                                - Rebecca Dwan

                                                                - Laura Bonczek

                                                                - Isaac Bartley


JUNE 2012                                      JULY 2012

5 YEARS   - Dorian Sacaza-Morales        23 YEARS  - Cindy Salmoiraghi

              - Sara Klemeshefsky               19 YEARS  - Richard Peck

4 YEARS   - Chrystal Moore                   13 YEARS  - Gary Steck

3 YEARS   - Shawn Bazemore                 10 YEARS  - Arina Medovnikov

2 YEARS   - Michelle Rice                        9 YEARS  - Michael Dara

               - Danielle Davenport               7 YEARS  - Robert Riddick

               - Brett Daly                                         - Barry Schacht

               - Raymond Bosworth              6 YEARS  - Chris Young, MD

1 YEAR     - Aneisha Hawthorne              5 YEARS  - Deborah Ellsworth

               - Meghan Douglas                   4 YEARS  - Nicole Gilman

               - Kathleen Bisaillon                              - Robert Sarmadi-Fard

                                            3 YEARS  - Christine Gosdzinski

                                                      - Jennifer Zuzick

                                                                        - Natalie Harris

                                            2 YEARS  - Kristin Reagan

                                                      - Mary Painter

                                                                        - Sherri Mengual

                                                                        - Heather Kunkel

                                                                        - Krista Kelly

                                                                        - Christina Giacobbe

                                                           1 YEAR   - Emily Stagg

                                                                        - Edward Tomaszewski

                                                                        - Diana Anderson


AUGUST 2012                      SEPTEMBER 2012

7 YEARS  - Brett Bogdan                   10 YEARS  - Jaime Mastroianni

6 YEARS  - Marcey Rizzetta                 8 YEARS  - Rebecca Zadlo

               - Jessica Moreira                  5 YEARS  - Marion Alamo

5 YEARS  - Vallery Wittstein                              - Monique Dagraca

4 YEARS  - Louisa Krause                                   - Eileen Donnelly-

               - Robert Gugliotti                                 Phillips

               - Daphne Nichols                  4 YEARS  - Evelyn Rodriguez

               - Sylvia Santos                      3 YEARS  - Jacqueline Vargas

3 YEARS  - Jessica Standard                               - Robert Allegrini

               - Jennifer Pitts                    2 YEARS  - Holly Poglitsch

2 YEARS  - Barbara Wetstone                            - Marshall Mullen

               - Dawn DeFeo                                     - Dan Bosco

               - Gladys Jimenez                  1 YEAR   - Stephanie Sills

               - Michelle Andrews                            - Deanna Minto

               - Dilice Robertson

               - Ana Petrillo

1 YEAR   - Sharone Hamer

              - Colleen Maturo

              - Dawn Harper

              - Madelyn Mangini

              - Nancy Dionizio




18 YEARS - Lynda Flowers

12 YEARS -Janice Uhrynowski

8 YEARS  - Kathy Cannavaro

              - Barbara Belval

              - Vincent Delaney

              - Zaida Maldonado

              - Joan Huskins

7 YEARS  - Waheedah Lateef

6 YEARS  - Michael Reynolds

5 YEARS  - Evelyn Diaz

              - Lorenzo Montgomery

              - Anne Lopiano

4 YEARS  - Louis Viscosi

              - Jacqueline Quinones

              - Patricia White

              - Susan Petrik

3 YEARS  - Shelly-Ann Murphy

              - Tim Dowling

              - Rebecca McGuirk

              - Talisha Jones

2 YEARS  - Jason Scwarz

              - Tasha Lott

              - Arthur Roy

1 YEAR   - Susan Doyon

             - Amilcar Armmand





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